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Hanna Stables Belize Website Design


Hanna Stables Tour Operator Website Design About the Client Hanna Stables and Nabitunich are a family-owned tourism establishment in San Ignacio, Belize. Intrepid Designer began working with Hanna Stables and Nabitunich in December 2012. We overhauled the business’ website, transferring it to a WordPress platform, and added on the ability to instantly book and pay [...]

Medical Electives Belize Website Design

About the Program Medical Electives Belize is dedicated to providing internships for international volunteers and current and potential medical students. They offer global health internships, medical elective rotations, and international volunteer opportunities for those seeking a valuable and memorable experience working in the Latin American country of Belize. Every volunteer is matched with a [...]

Nefry’s Retreat Website Design


Nefry's Retreat Hotel Website Design About the Client Nefry's Retreat was a small, family-owned bed and breakfast business located in San Ignacio, Belize. Hosts of a homey, made by hand urban retreat with 4 private rooms, Nefry's partnered with the local Medical Electives Belize program to use part of its facilities to host [...]