Hana Thread Ecommerce Website Design

Hana Thread Ecommerce Website Design About the Client Entrepreneur Midori Matsui has a background in the crafting business. In 1989, she started a successful wholesale high-end ribbon business, Midori, Inc., which was taken over by her daughter in 2009. In mid-2015, Midori contacted Intrepid Designer with another crafty business idea in mind, this time involving [...]

Hanna Stables Belize Website Design


Hanna Stables Tour Operator Website Design About the Client Hanna Stables and Nabitunich are a family-owned tourism establishment in San Ignacio, Belize. Intrepid Designer began working with Hanna Stables and Nabitunich in December 2012. We overhauled the business’ website, transferring it to a WordPress platform, and added on the ability to instantly book and pay [...]

Nefry’s Retreat Website Design


Nefry's Retreat Hotel Website Design About the Client Nefry's Retreat was a small, family-owned bed and breakfast business located in San Ignacio, Belize. Hosts of a homey, made by hand urban retreat with 4 private rooms, Nefry's partnered with the local Medical Electives Belize program to use part of its facilities to host [...]

zBeest Ecommerce Website Design

Project Brief zBeest, a registered trademark of Wildebeest, Inc., is a small company based in California that produces insoles for shoes. Affordable and biodegradable, the insoles allow for individuals to wear shoes without socks as part of the “sock-free” lifestyle. The company originally debuted in November 2014 when it successfully raised over $4,500 on Kickstarter to [...]