Project Description

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya Restaurant Website Design

About the Client

In December 2012, popular and iconic Japanese restaurant franchise Kukai Ramen & Izakaya established its very first international outpost in Bellevue, Washington. This was the first time Kukai expanded outside of its domestic market of Japan. Since that time, Kukai has established even more locations throughout Washington in towns such as Northgate and Capitol Hill. Other states have also enjoyed their own Kukai Ramen franchises including Oregon (Beaverton), Indiana (Carmel), and Illinois (Wicker Park). There are further plans to expand the ramen chain into California and Australia.

Kukai Kizuki Ramen Rebranding

In early 2016, Kukai Ramen also went through extensive rebranding, changing their name to Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya in order to differentiate their brand from French fashion label Kookaï.

Kukai / Kizuki Ramen Mission Statement

In Kizuki, we believe in delivering the best fast casual dining experience to the all. We are on a mission to create positive memorable experience with everyone. We want to put a smile on your face every time you come into our store.


In October 2015, Intrepid Designer was brought in as the official website design agency assigned with the task of overhauling Kukai’s old website to a modern, responsive design that would look more attractive and function better to support the brand’s extensive plans for growth. The goals were ambitious and included:

  • redesigning the entire Kukai website from the ground up
  • collaborate with key business stakeholders throughout the design process
  • adding a Location page that could be easily and quickly updated to add new franchises
  • incorporating a contact form making it easy for new franchise inquiries to be submitted
  • designing and implementing a robust Career section for attracting and managing new applicants
  • implementing SEO best practices to boost Google search engine rankings
  • supporting the rebranding efforts of switching from Kukai to Kizuki
  • on-going website maintenance to support Kizuki’s future growth and expansion into new markets

Key Metrics

Coming soon! Still in the data collection phase due to the recent rollout.

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